Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Reuters photo -- Robert Sorbo

It's two days later, but what the hay...

The bottom line is that they won. The defense came out early and put the clamps on the Oakland offense (if you can call it that) and kept it coming, which was a welcome sight.

The offense looked great for most of the first quarter. Mike Holmgren stayed with Mo Morris and the run and chewed a bunch of time off the clock, which wasn't so bad since it was raining a bunch and maybe that makes the passing game a little more treacherous.

While Morris got a boatload of carries (he'll more than likely never get that many carries again), as I was sitting there watching late into the third quarter and the fourth quarter, all I could think was, "you know, if just one or two of these long passes gets completed to Randy Moss, this game will get a whole hell of a lot less secure."

The Seahawks on the scoreboard should have absolutely stomped the Raiders, no doubt about that. The worst part about the Seahawks only getting the one touchdown and settling for a bunch of field goals was that by the time it was all over, I still needed two more points out of Josh Brown to eke out a win for my fantasy football team. Boo.

For the West Coast Offense, Seneca Wallace's completion percentage still isn't what is normally indicative of a well-functioning offense, but he wasn't throwing a ton of picks out there and making a bunch of dumb decisions, so that bodes well for the near future.

And since I've waited long enough to post this, I already know (though I'd pretty much suspected) that Shaun Alexander won't be playing against the Rams, which sucks, but I don't want Shaun back until that foot is fully healed. Of course, the Rams have a much more potent offense than the Raiders, so the Seahawk defense will have to ratchet the level of play way up to meet that challenge. Let's hold Torry Holt under 50 receiving yards, whaddaya say? Yeah, that's completely unrealistic, but as a fan, I have to dream.

I said the first game against the Rams was a must-win, and the Seahawks came through. Little did we all know that Matt Hasselbeck would soon be injured and the Vikings would stomp them.

But in a game against the Seahawks' main division rival, with a chance to make it a two-game division lead, and with the game at home...

...it's a must-win on Sunday, injuries be damned. This team's got to just suck it up, show everyone what they're made of, and scratch out yet another win without their quarterback and their MVP running back.

The alternative? A tie for the division lead. That's not an option.

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