Sunday, November 20, 2005


Reuters photo -- Lou Dematteis

I don't want to sound greedy about an 8-2 team that has a four-game division lead, but can we never have to go through that again?

The 49ers had the ball for 10 minutes of the fourth quarter. The Seahawks had it for the remaining five. Needless to say, that's generally not good. Of course, that means the defense was on the field way too much. The good thing was that they got the last final stop of the day that mattered. The bad news was that they were getting extremely porous, which was and wasn't their fault.

The Seahawk offense moved the sticks zero times in the fourth quarter. Talk about a nail-biter. They went three-and-out every time they had the ball in the final frame. Three times they punted, but luckily the last time was three knees to end the game.

Again, I may be sounding greedy, but I was hoping the number of Seahawk first downs in the fourth quarter and number of interceptions against Ken Dorsey would be a number other than zero, but alas, that isn't the case here.

I'm looking at the drive chart, and that fumble recovery turned out to loom a lot larger than it seemed at the time. The Seahawks only got two yards further and kicked a field goal. If they find the end zone there, probably no last-minute craziness to end the game.

I guess the good thing is that this should be a ticked-off team heading into practice this week. There's definitely some room for improvement going into next week's home game against the Giants. This one's big, folks. It's big. It's especially big if you know any Giant fans and want to rub it into their faces.

Not that I have a personal connection with that last statement or anything.

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