Sunday, November 13, 2005


Reuters photo -- Robert Sorbo
Reuters photo -- Robert Sorbo

Man, does this feel great. It feels great to root for a team that just takes care of business. They just seem like such a balanced team, a team that gets the plays when they need them, a team that just gets the job done.

If you go through the game thread, I'm pretty much reacting in knee-jerk fashion on every blown third down, every offensive running play that goes nowhere, every opposing play that goes for more than ten yards. Even still, the Seahawks just seem to get that one key run or that one key stop.

I haven't seen something like this out of the Seahawks team since, well, 1999. In 2003, they started out 5-1 and 6-2, but they were never 7-2. That 1999 team with Jon Kitna at the helm roared out of the gate at 8-2 despite a receiving corps that dropped a whole lot of passes. Lest we forget, that team ran into the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the next week, and they went 1-5 for the rest of the season, backed into the playoffs, and got beaten by Miami in Dan Marino's second-to-last career game (the Dolphins got squashed in Marino's last career game the next week at Jacksonville by a score of 62-7). Thanks to a friend's mom, I was able to attend the final Raiders/Seahawks game in the Kingdome that year. My goodness, was it loud in there.

I don't know what my point really is. There's room to improve, sure. This team definitely isn't perfect, and they definitely aren't fully healthy.

But there's something about this team. I can't put a finger on exactly what it is, and you can't really sum it up in one all-encompassing word that sounds all scholarly and stuff.

It just seems like they have it.

Cherish this, Seahawk fans. Have a great night and a great week.

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