Friday, April 01, 2005


Welcome to Friday, and welcome to April. I wasn't ready for April to come, though I'm more than ready for some baseball which actually counts. Also, I would have had this posted long ago, but there was that whole thing where I fell asleep. Fiddlesticks.

For the random...it's not so random, but I'm going to post another of my favorite Mitch Hedberg jokes (I did this yesterday in the comments), because he died at the age of 37 on Wednesday.

This is what my friend said to me, he said, "you know what I like? Mashed potatoes." I said, "dude, you have to give me time to guess. If you're going to quiz me, you need to insert a pause!"

To the post!

Joel Pineiro threw sans pain, though it'd be a stretch to think he'd be able to join the rotation on the 10th. They have him pegged for five days later. Also, Eddie Guardado broke off the mound to cover first and didn't come up lame with a hamstring.

The other news in the first link as well as this one is with all the moves that were made. Abe Nunez was brought over from Kansas City, which puzzled me until I read that they might send him away as part of some other deal. I have no idea what kind of role he'd have in Seattle other than warm body. That's not much better than Luis Ugueto. Dan Reichert was sent to minor-league camp and George Sherrill was sent to Tacoma (ouch). Raise your hand if you're comfortable with Matt Thornton in your bullpen. I think I heard crickets in my room when I posed that question to myself. I know my hand wasn't raised, and I think the fan on this laptop might have even gone quiet. Of course, if I had to choose between Kevin Jarvis and what I saw out of Thornton last year, I'd still have to go with Thornton, not that that says much.

Okay, that P-I link said that Aaron Sele would be in line to pitch against Texas in his first start. Does this scare anyone as much as it scares me? All I can think of right now is a hanging curveball and a Mark Teixeira grand slam. Lest we forget that team did get Richard Hidalgo.

The Mariners have found a home for the Spanish broadcasts of the home games, with stations in the Tri-City area, Yakima, and the Seattle area. The Seattle-area station? KBRO 1490 out of Bremerton. How popular is KBRO? Well, I think I've pretty much never listened to it. I can't remember myself ever turning to that station and exhibiting sustained listenership. Luckily the Mariners' Spanish radio-network director did say they were working on a bigger deal, hopefully with more wattage. That'd be good. In a related story, I wonder if ESPNU will spin off an ESPNUniversidad or something. Not that any cable system will carry either network or anything. I don't know anyone that has ESPN Deportes either. I also don't know anyone that has called their cable company to request a certain channel not already in the lineup.

Now's where the Mariners go to Cashman Field in Las Vegas and play two more last fake games before the season starts. You know, I used to like the idea of the Mariners going to Vancouver for a game to bring out the fans up there. Of course, that whole career-altering injury to Edgar kind of muddled things. Still, the Mariners do get some games on the ol' Rogers SportsNet up there.

Robbie Tobeck spurned better offers from other teams so that he could stay home in Seattle, even if it was for the 10-year veterans' minimum. Of course, it helps that he didn't want to leave his four kids, who are all pre-teens. He also played his college ball at Wazzu. The right side of the offensive line may change, but it's nice to know that the center and Matt Hasselbeck's blind side are well protected.

Omare Lowe visited the Kirkland HQ yesterday. I thought I'd heard his name from somewhere before that didn't have to do with him being a Husky, because I think he does have a name that just sounds like an NFL name. Nope. Dude only has three games and a tackle on special teams to his name. He was a fifth-rounder in 2002 (Miami). He's not an undrafted free agent, though if he was, it would fit with the Tim Ruskell template. He's a late-rounder who obviously hasn't gotten the chance to play much. But I think it's Ruskell who would decide whether Lowe just hasn't gotten the chance, or if he hasn't gotten the chance because he sucks. I'm guessing he was brought in, though, because he just might have that hunger that seems to be a common thread with the Ruskell signings so far.

The Miah Davis Update
Roanoke hosts Asheville tonight and travels to Asheville tomorrow.

The Marvin Williams Watch
The Tar Heels are in the Final Four at Saint Louis, where they will face Michigan State tomorrow at 5:47p for a spot in the national title game against the winner of Louisville/Illinois.

Danny Fortson is back, but it's Nate McMillan's decision as to whether or not he gets off the bench. I think they badly need him. Why? Reggie Evans can't shoot free throws like Fortson can. Nick Collison can't shoot free throws like Fortson can. Hell, just send Collison and Fortson out there as your 4th-quarter frontcourt, and I'd be just fine with it.

Meanwhile, I remember this happened with the Mariners a couple of years ago even when they were good, but the Sonics for whatever reason aren't as good at home as they are on the road.

Tonight vs. Portland (7:30p, FSNNW)
Sunday at Golden State (3p, FSNNW)
Tuesday at Sacramento (7p, FSNNW)

Denied. It's not just a Wayne's World reference, it's also what the WHL board of governors did to the Tri-City Americans' ownership's request to move the team to Chilliwack north of the border. The Ams have been in the Tri-Cities for 17 years. The US Division will remain intact with teams actually based in the States.

Aaron Gagnon of the Thunderbirds not only leads the team in playoff goals, but also has his name on all three of Seattle's winning goals in their series against Tri-City, which in all likelihood will end tonight when Seattle wins.

Tonight: Seattle at Tri-City (Game 4), Everett at Portland (Game 5), Vancouver at Kelowna (Game 5), Manitoba at Syracuse
Tomorrow: Tri-City at Seattle (Game 5 if necessary), Portland at Everett (Game 6 if necessary), Kelowna at Vancouver (Game 6), Manitoba at Binghamton
Tuesday: Seattle at Tri-City (Game 6 if necessary), Everett at Portland (Game 7 if necessary), Syracuse at Manitoba
Wednesday: Tri-City at Seattle (Game 7 if necessary), Vancouver at Kelowna (Game 7 if necessary), Syracuse at Manitoba

Have a great Friday and a great weekend, everyone.

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