Wednesday, March 30, 2005


For the record, "I Live For This" has to be the worst tagline ever produced in the history of professional sports.

"What A Show!" isn't much better either.

Anyways, this is a much shorter baseball preview than I had anticipated. I had wanted to do a bigger preview, but I've been very busy as of late. I don't feel the need to apologize for that, so don't expect an apology for me. Too bad, so sad.

I didn't cut it back too much where I didn't include my division winners, league champions, and award winners. Agree or disagree? Post your thoughts in the comments box.

As for my take on the 2005 Mariners, I'll have a post specifically devoted to that tomorrow afternoon. I can tell you that it won't be full of pessimism. See, I can be an optimistic person (hey M.O.!).

(y - division winner w/ best record; x - division winner; z - wild card)

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---


(y) New York Yankees, (z) Boston, Baltimore, Toronto, Tampa Bay

---It's a two-team race. Big shock.

(x) Minnesota, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago White Sox, Kansas City

---I love the Twins' chances in the A.L. this year. But don't sleep on the Indians.

(x) Anaheim, Oakland, Seattle, Texas

---I refuse to call the Angels "the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim".

Minnesota d. New York in 5 games
Boston d. Anaheim in 4 games

---Time for the Twins to knock off the Yankees in October.

Minnesota d. Boston in 6 games

---The Boston fans had their fun last October. Two years in a row? No.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---


(x) Atlanta, (z) Florida, Philadelphia, New York Mets, Washington

---I'll give Bobby Cox his due. He simply gets it done.

(y) St. Louis, Chicago Cubs, Houston, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh

---Will Dusty Baker survive after this season in Chicago?

(x) San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Arizona, Colorado

---Even without Barry Bonds, the Giants are still the best team in the N.L. West.

St. Louis d. Florida in 4 games
San Francisco d. Atlanta in 5 games

---Well, the Marlins will finally lose a playoff series.

St. Louis d. San Francisco in 5 games

---A reverse of the 2002 NLCS.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

WORLD SERIES (Games 1-2 at Minnesota, 3-5 at St. Louis, 6-7 at Minnesota)
St. Louis Cardinals defeat Minnesota Twins in 7 games

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

I may be the only person on the internet who's predicting a Minnesota-St. Louis World Series. Now, that doesn't mean that I don't know what I'm talking about, because there is a method to my madness.

I'm picking the Twins because I like their pitching. A 1-2 punch of Johan Santana and Brad Radke will help the Twins win a few ballgames. Their bullpen may be the best in the American League, with closer Joe Nathan, setup men J.C. Romero and Juan Rincon. The Twins lineup will feature Justin Morneau for a full season. Morneau hit 19 home runs in just 74 games in 2005. Just imagine what he'll do with a full season. Besides, I can't stand the Yankees-Red Sox hype. I don't live for the hype, that's for damn sure.

As for the Cardinals, it's pretty simple for me. They added a true #1 starter in Mark Mulder. Adding Mulder to a ballclub that has a high powered offense like St. Louis does has to be considered a great move. Can Mulder stay healthy? I think he will. Not only that, he will win 20 games and the N.L. Cy Young Award in 2005. Oh, and he'll give the Cardinals a world championship in the final season of Busch Stadium.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

A.L. MVP - Vladimir Guerrero, Anaheim
N.L. MVP - Albert Pujols, St. Louis

A.L. Cy Young - Johan Santana, Minnesota
N.L. Cy Young - Mark Mulder, St. Louis

A.L. Manager of the Year - Eric Wedge, Cleveland
N.L. Manager of the Year - Felipe Alou, San Francisco

A.L. Rookie of the Year - Jeremy Reed, Seattle
N.L. Rookie of the Year - J.D. Closser, Colorado

A.L. Best Free Agent - Adrian Beltre, Seattle
N.L. Best Free Agent - Carlos Delgado, Florida

A.L. Worst Free Agent - Orlando Hernandez, Chicago White Sox
N.L. Worst Free Agent - J.D. Drew, Los Angeles

A.L. Managers To Be Fired - Tony Pena, Kansas City
N.L. Managers To Be Fired - Lloyd McClendon, Pittsburgh; Clint Hurdle, Colorado; Jim Tracy, Los Angeles

To top this preview off, I'd just like to mention that I'm already sick of the Yankees-Red Sox hype. Thank you and good day.

(Oh, and the more appropriate Tears For Fears song that should have been used in the ESPN promo for the Red Sox-Yankees Opening Night game this Sunday would have been "Everybody Wants To Rule The World". But that's just me.)

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