Thursday, March 31, 2005


I'm leaving Arkansas.

Tomorrow, I'm headed to Los Angeles for the weekend. My brother and I are going to Wrestlemania 21 at the Staples Center, home of Team Kobe and Bill Simmons' Clippers. A few weeks ago, my brother won a contest from the WWE. Tickets, hotel, airfare, all paid for. Yes, this is a very good deal.

If everything goes well on Saturday, I'm also going to the second game of the Freeway Series between the Angels and Dodgers at Dodger Stadium. Since I don't like the Angels at all, I guess I'll root for the Dodgers. Or just sit back and tell the Dodgers fans all about how Adrian Beltre is going to be the man in Seattle for at least the next 5 seasons. I know there's a few Dodger fans who are pissed that Beltre is no longer in the city of angels.

This is my second Wrestlemania in three years, since I went to Wrestlemania 19 at Safeco Field two years ago. I never thought I'd be going to another Wrestlemania. Well, I was wrong. There are times when I'm glad that I'm wrong. This is one of those times.

I haven't been out West in almost 2 years. Tomorrow can't come soon enough.

Oh, and for those who want to know if I'm bringing a sign, I doubt it. I'll be close enough to the action where the cameras will see me anyway. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention something. I should mention that something-something before I end this post.

I'm sitting ringside. So yes, I'll post some pictures for y'all when I get back.

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