Wednesday, March 30, 2005


I'm Stuck In Rehab With Pat O'Brien is hysterical.

Napoleon Dynamite's older brother Kip is the most pathetic movie character of the past 10 years.

Can you get taste loss from a Freeze-Pop?

Martina McBride over Liz Phair and it's not even close.

Clear Channel is awful.

Note to ESPN: I like the Giants-Dodgers rivalry more than the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry.

I would buy a Ludacris/Sum 41 collaboration album. Jay-Z/Linkin Park? Not a chance.

When is that Thea Andrews show going to air on ESPN?

The blonde rollerskating Coke girl, the McGriddles girl, or Brooke Burke?

On a local level, the Remington College girl is outstanding.

At Remington College, you get a free laptop! Razors not for sale.

Byung Hyun-Kim was traded to the Colorado Rockies today. Yes, it sucks to be him.

Maybe Kim can cry on Pat O'Brien's shoulder while Whitney Houston sings "I'm Your Baby Tonight". Boing, boing, boing, gone Kim!

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