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Welcome to Thursday. Same deal as yesterday.

For the random...I was flipping around the television yesterday and Reading Rainbow was on the telebox. I decided to see if they'd kept it mostly the same, or whether they'd messed with the theme, doubled all the dollar values, and shaved mustaches like on Jeopardy! In the first few seconds of the show, I realize they've changed the theme and made it sound a little less old, which is a bit sad, though it's mostly the same. It's not quite as drastically different as the current Jeopardy! theme is from its highly cheesy and enjoyable predecessor. There was only one other thing I was looking for, and that was the three-note salvo that end's every kid's book review. "Da-dum DUM!" They've still got that. Yes, it's pretty much the same show they were feeding to us back in elementary school, except now I think LeVar Burton is sporting more facial hair.

To the post...

[Edit ~4:08p -- The Husky and Tar Heel games are tonight, and not tomorrow, something I'd forgotten to change.]

Early returns are in, and it turns out that Richie Sexson and Adrian Beltre are fully capable of hitting homers in B games. Now that you know what he did on the field, how about some Beltre fluff?

Jim Moore interviews Jamie Moyer, even considering the apparent beef that Karen has with him. As I suspected all along last year, QuesTec is more than likely hurting Moyer than helping him. The two most-used words in the article are probably "bounce" and "back."

In the notebook, Chris Snelling is probably hating life right now, Eddie Guardado's still trying to fix his mechanics, Bobby Madritsch had the most sketchy performance out of the B game, Pokey Reese was out, and Jose Lopez apparently didn't do too bad.

The hard part is definitely not over now. They've still got to try to keep a decent amount of the pieces they need that are unrestricted free agents. That does include Chike Okeafor and Ken Lucas, who are now testing the market. Yikes. But Jeremiah Trotter might come in for a visit, and they might restructure Darrell Jackson's contract. Things could get weirdly different at Camp Seahawk.

As reported by Clare Farnsworth in the P-I the day before, Anthony Simmons might have already played his last game as a Seahawk.

The Miah Davis Update
The Roanoke Dazzle plays at Florida tonight and Saturday.

The Marvin Williams Watch
The Tar Heels host Florida State tonight (6p, local only) before the ACC regular season ends...at home against Duke on Sunday (1p, CBS)

Ha! I knew Tre couldn't be his real name. Tre Simmons has warmed up over the last few games, and he'll be looked on to produce the rest of the way for the Huskies. Of course, the immediate future contains two games in the Bay Area. The Huskies are winless at Cal since 1999.

The Huskies travel to Berkeley to face the Cal Bears tonight (7p, FSNNW) and to Stanford on Saturday (1p, CBS)

The Zags skip all the way ahead to the semifinal of the WCC tournament. That's a two-round bye. They don't have to play until the early game on Sunday.

The Zags get the winner of Saturday's game between San Diego and the winner of the Friday game between Pepperdine and Loyola-Marymount.

The bracket as pulled from the Times...
courtesy Seattle Times

For my take on last night's game, scroll down a post or click here if this post is the only one on the page. The coach from the last Husky Pac-10 title has aptly warned Romar about looking past Cal to the Stanford game. That would not be good.

How many people out there thought the Sonics would even get to 40 wins, let alone do it this quickly? Even Ray Allen is surprised at this point. The P-I article says that Cleveland tried to get into a long-range shootout for a time in the third quarter (namely LeBron), but that ultimately the Sonics used the same method to bury the Cavaliers. Both articles pointed out the reappearance of Vladimir Radmanovic as a deadly weapon off the bench. The Percy Allen article gave some ink to Nick Collison for his defense on Zydrunas Ilguaskas.

As for the P-I columns lately, I'm hoping Danny O'Neil is doing all right, because I don't think I've seen his name for a few games. One game didn't get a P-I article, and these last two are probably freelance, or definitely names with which I'm unfamiliar.

Tomorrow vs. Detroit (7:30p, FSNNW)
Sunday vs. Phoenix (6p, FSNNW)
Tuesday vs. Houston (7p, FSNNW)

Seattle beat Vancouver 4-1. The Thunderbirds swept the six-game season series, which surprises me because Vancouver isn't a bad team. Mitch Bartley gave the Giants their only lead of the game, scoring the first goal just past the halfway point in the opening period. Derek Couture scored inside the final minute of the opening period to tie it, and Denis Tolpeko netted the winner 2:26 into the second. Ryan Gibbons put in another early in the third, and Nate Thompson played pile-on with an empty-netter. Chris Durand picked up three assists in the game. Seattle outshot the Giants 38-23. Marek Schwarz stopped 35 for the Giants, and Bryan Bridges stopped 22 for Seattle.

Tomorrow: Portland at Vancouver, Puget Sound at Tri-City (Cascade Cup semifinal -- Game 3 of best-of-5)
Saturday: Everett at Seattle, Tri-City at Portland, Kelowna at Vancouver, Rochester at Manitoba, Puget Sound at Tri-City (Cascade Cup semifinal -- Game 4 of best-of-5 if necessary)
Sunday: Seattle at Portland, Vancouver at Kamloops, Rochester at Manitoba, Puget Sound at Tri-City (Cascade Cup semifinal -- Game 5 of best-of-5 if necessary)
Wednesday: Tri-City at Seattle, Everett at Spokane, Manitoba at Grand Rapids

Have a wonderful Thursday, everyone.

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