Monday, February 28, 2005


First of all, I find the NFL Combine to be worthless at best. Oh my god, so-and-so only ran a 4.8! Personally, I'm more interested in what the player can do on the field more than seeing him run meaningless 40-yard dashes.

Two words fit the description of combine master:

Tony Mandarich

As for the football-related news I care about, Sports Illustrated's Peter King is a fan of Seahawks president Tim Ruskell:

4. I think Tim Ruskell is a darned good hire by the Seahawks as president of football operations. I've always respected him, from the time I got to know him in the Bucs' pre-good days a decade ago. A grinder. Hard worker who got to know the salary cap and talent-judging with the Bucs. Seattle didn't need a star. the Seahawks needed a talent-cultivator, and when Scott Pioli wasn't available, they got the next-best guy.

King is right on the money. When I need a national point of view on the NFL, I turn to King. Instead of wasting your time reading Gregg Easterbrook's dictionary every week, you should be reading King's Monday Morning Quarterback, which is also being written during the offseason. Yes, that's a "Sports and Bremertonians" recommendation. Take it or leave it.

Well, I just blew my 40-yard dash. I guess that means I won't be a first-round blogger this year. Such is life.

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