Thursday, February 17, 2005


How I didn't do a post on this subject a long time ago, I don't know.

Anyways, Gizoogle!

That's right, Gizoogle is basically Google Snoop Dogg-ized. I can't stop rolling at some of these results. By the way, I'll label these as NSFW, because of profane language.

My Rams-Seahawks post on Sunday, January 2

College Basketball January 27

North Carolizzles!

Richie Sexson cited for DUI

But this is my favorite translation that I've come across so far. From my Arizona Cardinals new logo post. You know, the "tough bird"

Several prominent Cardinals -- includ'n Josh McCown, Larry Fitzgerald n Leonard Davis -- modeled apparel wit tha new logo.

Wit his rural Texas background, McCown was asked if he was sum-m sum-m of an expert on birds in tha hood.

"izzle only birds I kizzle `bout is tha duck n tha dizzle n tha quail, birds thizzay you shoot," tha Cardinals quarterback said. "You're not really supposed ta shoot cardinals yeah yeah baby. I don't know if I'd shoot this bird. It looks pretty mean . Ill slap tha taste out yo mouf. This bird might pizzle a gat out n shoot rizzight back at you."

That's bootylicious shiznit.

Who knew that Josh McCown could speak Gizoogle?

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