Thursday, February 17, 2005


To follow up on my earlier Gizoogle post, let's Gizoogle the Mariner blogosphere. Well, four of them anyway. Oh, and here's the earlier post in its Gizoogled glory.

USS Mariner (USS Marina)

2004 was a motherf***a fo` Bizzle Boone, especially in light of his recent
performizzle bustin' his excellent 2003 season.

Lookout Landing

Tendinizzle as you may or may not K-N-to-tha-izzow, is medical lingo fo` "sum-m Sum-m's wrizzay wit you, but I dizzay know wizzle it is, so here's a fancy word ta makes bizzay of us more comfortizzles

Nice Guys Finish Third (Funky Ass Guys Finish Third)

Once spr'n ridin' n tha season starts, I’ll be mizzle more Brotha n also mizzle more mobbin' in tha mutha f***in club.

Mariner Optimist (Marina Optimist)

This poser piece appeared in today's AL Marketwatch at Ron Killa invaluable BaseballHQ site puttin tha smack down. It shows that tha smizzay money view of Bucky coincides funky assly wit tizzy of Bucky fans everywhere mah nizzle. FREE BUCKY . Im crazy, you can't phase me!

P-to-tha-izzost yo favorizzles in tha box.

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