Saturday, September 04, 2004


Signs when you know college football is back in session:

1. You press the mute button whenever Pam Ward is talking.

2. You say "YO!" 20 times a day because you heard it from Lee Corso on ESPN College Gameday.

3. You yell out "F**K NOTRE DAME!" for no reason whatsoever.

4. You bitch and moan about the officials.

5. You bash Trev Alberts at every moment.

6. You hum/sing any and every fight song you can think of.

7. You wonder when Chris Spielman is just going to snap.

8. You watch a BYU game and wonder who has broken the "no pre-marital sex" rule.

9. You wake up early Saturday morning with hardly any sleep and go to sleep late on Saturday nights.

10. You want to strangle the Three Daves at Jefferson Pilot.

--- --- --- --- --- ---

There's more than 10 signs, but for the sake of time and my health, I won't put them all here tonight.

Yes, it's 11:30 p.m. here and I'm watching Notre Dame-BYU. I think Florida Atlantic-Hawaii is on one of the Fox Sports digital channels as well.

Football. It owns my soul.

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