Sunday, September 12, 2004


The Week 1 edition of the No Hawk Ramble features the Dallas-Minnesota game that was on FOX. The Vikings trounced the Cowboys, 35-17. Sam Rosen and Bill Maas were covering the game in Minneapolis.

Bill Maas on Vikings WR Randy Moss
"Randy Moss is more about team this year."
---Really? We'll see about that. But Minnesota will be a force this season, and Moss is a big reason why that will be the case.

The Metrodome is a dump
---Vikings CB Ken Irvin strained his Achilles' tendon during warmups near where 1st base is usually located, somewhere between the 5 and 15 yard lines.

Gimme A Break!
---Why is Vikings RB Onterrio Smith allowed to play? The NFL is still reviewing whether he will be suspended for violating the NFL's anti-substance abuse policy. You know damn well that if he were a Seahawk, he would have been suspended by now.
Smith's line today? 16 carries, 78 yards on the ground; 1 reception, 63 yards, 1 touchdown.

---The Cowboys and Vikings both have Australian punters, Mat McBriar and Darren Bennett. However, McBriar may not be a Cowboy for too much longer, since he screwed up the hold on a Dallas FG attempt in the 2nd quarter. Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells doesn't like those things at all. Well, no coach does. But Parcells especially.

Culpepper = Money
---Daunte Culpepper had 5 touchdown passes today against the Cowboys. He's arguably the best fantasy football quarterback there is. And he plays in a dome. There's a reason why the Seahawks must earn home-field advantage throughout the playoffs, because the Metrodome is not a place I want to see them play at in January.

Be Like Mia?
---When I first saw the Gatorade Mia Hamm Tribute Special, that was enough evidence for me to know that Nomar Garciappara is whipped. Come on. And as far as I'm concerned, somebody please give Kerri Walsh and Misty May a few advertising deals. You can't lose with May and Walsh, you just can't.

---On more than one occasion during the Cowboys-Vikings game, FOX displayed the scores at the bottom of the screen and had the Saints "beating" the Seahawks. FOX puts the winner's name in orange, the loser's in white. But they had the Saints as the "winner". I don't know why this bothers me. But it just does. It just continues, the lack of respect that is given to this Seahawks franchise. When the media pulls this crap, why don't they just show the old Seahawks logo in place of the "new" one as well? (It's not "new" anymore, it's been in place since 2002)

--- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Prediction: Dante Hall will have no more than 2 touchdowns on special teams in 2004.

Go Seahawks.

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