Sunday, September 12, 2004


I was listening to Baseball's Best Postgame Show on KJR as I was doing the Mariner recap, and they brought up that it was pretty much a shot weekend as far as northwest sports was concerned. Wazzu lost, both Oregon schools lost, the Huskies didn't play, and the Mariners still suck.

I didn't think it was all that bad.

-- South Kitsap got thwomped 64-20 by Bellevue on Friday night, who had beaten mythical De La Salle the week before. South had their run of sending teams to the state tournament snapped last year. If South doesn't win the Narrows League Bridge Division this year

-- Willie Bloomquist didn't play on Saturday night.

But it wasn't just those anti-South items that made my day...

-- Florida State lost. I'd be saying the same thing if Miami lost, because I've never liked any of the Florida schools since I was a young'un.

-- Michigan lost. The influx of Michigan and Georgetown logo wear as the cool thing in school was around about 6th or 7th grade for me. I've hated Michigan since, and possibly before then. At the time, I immediately found a liking for Ohio State because they hated Michigan too, but I've shied away from the Buckeyes since. I never picked a particular team to root against when it came to the Florida schools though, but the schoolkids-wearing-garb thing still applies.

-- The hockey game I watched on Saturday was great, and I chronicled it about three posts below this one.

-- KJR is going to run Football's Best Postgame Show with Ray Roberts, and I think it'll be after the Seahawk game tomorrow, so it should be around 1pm. I've only heard one promo spot for it, so be on the lookout.

-- Lastly, but definitely not leastly, Bremerton football coach (and my former baseball coach) Mike McKnight had a little profile at the end of Saturday's Paul Silvi High School Sports Blitz on KING-5. I'm not sure if they mentioned the team getting stomped by Archbishop Murphy two weeks ago (not that expectations are high or anything), but hey, it's McKnight, he coaches for the Knights, and that's that.

It's about nine hours until kickoff, and I'm juiced up...

But I still want Brian Davis back, because having to choose between Ron Pitts/Tim Ryan and Steve Raible/Warren Moon is about as appealing a decision as choosing between a bedpan and a colostomy bag.


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