Sunday, September 12, 2004


I enjoyed Saturday's games very much, let me tell ya.

---Even though it was Notre Dame who won, I loved the fact that it was Michigan on the losing end. Screw Lloyd Carr, Brian Griese, Tyrone Wheatley, Elvis Grbac, Charles Woodson, the whole lot of them. Oh, and screw Rocket Ismail as well.

---Oh man, Texas-Arkansas was one hell of a game. The atmosphere in Fayetteville was Little Rock-esque. Matt Jones is one of the most exciting players in college football. But he will not be able to forget his fumble late in the 4th quarter, as the Razorbacks were driving. One player to look out for as the season goes along is Arkansas freshman running back Peyton Hillis. He's a load at 240 pounds. As for what will happen the rest of the season for both teams, Texas will get bitchslapped by Oklahoma once again. And Arkansas won't be as mediocre as some experts have expected.

---Washington State's offense was pitiful against Colorado. I hate the Buffaloes with a passion, so watching them defeat the Cougs in Seattle was not a good thing. I never have liked Gary Barnett, and I never will. Let's leave it at that.

---Fresno State is damn good. Kansas State is overrated.

---I'm still laughing over the Troy offensive lineman running for a touchdown on Thursday night against Missouri. Oh, and consider the Brad Smith Heisman Trophy campaign null and void.

---Nebraska is the dumbest team in America. I bet that the Cornhusker fans are already calling for head coach Bill Callahan's ouster. Maybe Houston Nutt was smart to not accept the job in Lincoln.

--- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Give me some more, give me some more.

Seahawks. Saints. Less than 9 hours. YES!

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