Monday, September 20, 2004


Hey, all. Sorry I wasn't able to get in a Mariner recap (Bobby went seven, gave up two runs, and lost...but he walked four) last night, partly due to my watching the entire Seahawk game and cranking out a recap on that and also partly due to my hitching a ride with the 'rents and going to visit the grandparents in ye olde North Dakota.

Basically, I have this to say...

-- Be nice to Jeremy when I'm gone (you all were the first time). Needless to say, I'm not worried because he flew solo for six weeks during the summer and Sports and B's got through just fine.

-- If someone out there has the CBC and is interested, I won't be able to see at least the first episode of Making the Cut, which airs Tuesday at 8pm, I believe. Basically, if someone out there has the dedication and the pure generosity to email me (wackomann@yahoo.com) a synopsis of how the show went, I would be extreeeeeemely grateful.

-- I'll be back on the night of Tuesday the 28th, hopefully in time to not miss the second episode of Making the Cut, and in time to crank out six more Mariner recaps.

-- Dammit, I won't be able to crank out a Seahawk recap next week. Though I won't be able to watch the game (unless for some odd reason the Fox affiliate in Minot, ND shows it), let's just hope it's a big Seahawk win where the offense finally clicks, the defense keeps doing what it's doing for the most part, and everyone stays healthy.

I'll see y'all in eight days. Jeremy will keep flying the Sports and B's flag as time and school allow until I get back and resume normal posting habits.

Until then, ciao to all our great readers from Western Washington, the handful or so in BC, the scattered readers from around the country, and those around the world who stumble upon us daily via any combination of Google or Yahoo searches. Thanks for stopping by, readers. Stay classy.

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