Thursday, September 09, 2004


I'm sure two of you out there are wondering where the Slovakia/Canada World Cup post is, but I regret to inform you that there isn't one, and there won't be one to that extent because I didn't get out of work until 4:30 yesterday.

I got home with the (scoreless) first period nearing its end and figured I should just make myself something to eat (okay, I didn't really make ice cream) instead of taking incomplete game notes. That and I'd just enjoy the game for once.

I sat down for the second period and Canada just went nuts. Four goals were scored in a rather short amount of time, and the game was effectively over.

I've got to say that if it weren't for the massive choke job by the Swedish team, the Slovakian team would be the biggest disappointment of the tournament. A team with Hossa, Gaborik, Satan, Zednik, and Nagy only managed to put up four goals in four games. Sure, I realize they faced Canada twice, but the names I just listed have raised a decent amount of hell in the NHL the last couple years. It's safe to say they never jelled as a team.

I had no idea the brackets were crossing over, but they are.

Finland will face the United States in Saint Paul on Friday, and the Czech Republic will face Canada in Toronto on Saturday.

I'll leave you with this semi-cheesy piece on Marty Brodeur.

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