Monday, September 06, 2004


I know I really shouldn't read too much into this. But the fact that Bill Bavasi has "asked" Jimy Williams to look at the Mariners farm system just scares me on many levels.

I think it's obvious to just about any semi-awake Mariner fan that Bob Melvin will not be the manager of this ballclub in 2005. While Melvin is not the main reason why the 2004 Mariners stink, he's certainly one of the reasons. But if the Mariners were to hire Jimy Williams to take over for Melvin, then it would prove once again that this organization has learned absolutely nothing from this trainwreck of a season.

Give Dan Rohn a chance to manage in the big leagues before giving another big league managerial job to Jimy F**king Williams.

Be afraid, Mariner fans. Be very, very, afraid.

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