Sunday, July 04, 2004


For the first time since 1999, the Seattle Mariners will send just one representative to the All-Star Game. Ichiro will start for the American League. Hopefully Joe Torre will start him in center field, not right field. Right field belongs to Vladimir Guerrero. That's right, Bob Melvin.

2004 American League All-Star roster

2004 National League All-Star roster

MLB 32nd Man Voting (tonight through July 7)

My 2004 All-Star Game rosters (posted on Thursday, July 1)


---No Keith Foulke? He has 13 saves and his ERA is 1.28. Eddie Guardado deserves to go to Houston as well, but if I had to choose between Foulke and Everyday Eddie, I'd go with Foulke. After all, he's pitching for a team who's in contention.

---Ted Lilly is an All-Star. Man I wish David was here to talk about this one.

---Four Cleveland Indians? And only one Minnesota Twin? Don't worry, I'm already starting the Sports and Bremertonians Lew Ford 32nd Man campaign.

---Derek Jeter starting at shortstop for the A.L. is a joke.

---Carlos Guillen doesn't have to worry about the 32nd Man vote. He's in. Best move Torre made on this roster as far as I'm concerned.


---Carlos Beltran should be an All-Star. When he was a Royal, the A.L. players selected him to play in the ASG. But since Beltran was traded to Houston, a N.L. team, all of those A.L. votes mean nothing. There's no way that Beltran doesn't play next Tuesday. He will be on the team. MLB can't have a terrible PR situation like this, even though they're no strangers to bad PR.

---If the All-Star Game was being played anywhere but Houston, Jason Schmidt would get the start for the N.L. But Roger Clemens will most likely get the start. And the starting catcher is Mike Piazza. Good times!

---Youppi is more deserving of being in the All-Star Game than Livan Hernandez or any Montreal Expo for that matter.

---Barry Larkin is on the N.L. squad but Lyle Overbay isn't?

---Miguel Cabrera should be starting for the N.L., not Sammy Sosa.

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My 32nd Men are Minnesota's Lew Ford and Chicago's Aramis Ramirez.

The All-Star Game is an exhibition. That being said, it's still fun to debate about the game. But again...


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