Wednesday, June 30, 2004


It's the last day of June, which technically means we've hit the halfway point of 2004.

Anyways, to celebrate this meaningless occasion, I have to ramble on.

---If there's one reason why I'll still pay attention to this Mariner ballclub, it's the Mariner pitching staff. If this team can add a bat or two in the offseason, there's no reason why the Mariners can't contend in 2005.

---I prefer not to use the term "rebuilding" when it comes to the Mariners. "Retooling" would be more appropriate. The Mariners can't afford to rebuild. While I'm not expecting it, I can definitely see the Mariners making a run at a big time hitter in the offseason, i.e. Carlos Delgado.

---2004 is over. Please let Miguel Olivo play the majority of the time, Bob Melvin. Let Dan Wilson start when Jamie Moyer is on the mound.

So Olivo didn't have a hit last night. He will be fine. I can honestly say right now that I haven't excited about a Mariner catcher since, well.....NEVER.

---There are many memorable lines in "Dodgeball", but this one has to be my favorite:

Pepper Brooks: If the team forfeits, it will really hurt their chances of winning.

---Stephen Root is in "Dodgeball" as well. He played Milton in "Office Space". Root is simply hysterical.

---I was browsing through the CD racks at FYE yesterday and I couldn't believe what I saw.

Teena Marie, who's best known for her 1980s hits "Lovergirl" and "Lead Me On" (off of the Top Gun soundtrack), has a new album out, "La Dona". I couldn't help but think, "this is Teena Marie in 2004"? Damn.

Maybe Teena Marie is trying to capitalize on her boy toy Rick James' "success" earlier in the year. One thing's for sure, I wouldn't give Marie's rack 2 thumbs down.

---I haven't picked up Rush's new cover album "Feedback" yet, but it's worth buying if only for their version of "Summertime Blues". I could only imagine what "Summertime Blues" would have sounded like if Rush had performed it in the late 1970s.

---The unrated version of "Bad Santa" is a winner.

Named "Badder Santa", the unrated version is the Christmas movie I've always wanted to see. Billy Bob Thornton is hysterical. There's so much vulgarity in "Badder Santa" that you definitely don't want to play this in front of the little ones at Christmas time, or anytime for that matter.

Lauren Graham is simply underrated. What do we have to do to get her to pull a Diane Lane and star in a movie like "Unfaithful", but better? Sure, it wouldn't make the Gilmore Girls fans too happy, but who gives a damn? Make this happen.

---Will Ferrell's "Elf" won't be released until November. Damn.

---"Anchorman" looks hideously funny.

---Did I just say "hideously funny"?

---If Derek Jeter or Nomar Garciaparra starts for the American League at shortstop in the All-Star Game, then the fan vote has reached a new low.

---Can you say "Carlos Guillen 32nd Man"?

---This little "every team must have a representative" rule is ridiculous. Name one Montreal Expo that deserves to be in the All-Star Game. I sure as hell can't name one.

---"Spider-Man 2" opens up today. Yay.

--- --- --- --- ---

Kenny Rogers. Clint Nageotte. Tonight. 9 p.m. Central.


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