Wednesday, June 09, 2004


If the Mariners hit the bars tonight, it won't be because they turned 21. It's because the Mariners have been held scoreless in twenty-one straight innings. This is the type of crazy streak that usually is reserved for goalies in hockey that hold teams scoreless and then give up a goal in the middle of the 3rd game or something. A little tiny stat before I move on here: the Mariners outscored the Astros 5-4 in the series. All of those five runs the Mariners scored were in the Nageotte start two nights ago. Then the run of no runs came.

Wade Miller was the guy having his way with the Mariners tonight, only having semi-jams in the following innings...

1st inning
Runners on first and third, one out
-- John Olerud pops out in foul territory to the third baseman
-- Bret Boone walked to load the bases
-- Scott Spiezio flies out to the third baseman

3rd inning
-- Randy Winn doubles to lead off
-- Edgar chops one to Adam Everett at short (citing Jeremy). Mike Blowers on the grandpa station (ChainCast player problems again) said that the ball was to the right of Randy Winn enough to where he could be let off the hook if he broke for third. He did, and Everett nailed him at third
-- Olerud bounced into a double play

Really, that was about it. Miller retired nine straight from the 4th through 6th innings.

How did Freddy Garcia do? At his best, he set down 14 Astros in a row. He got into three turbulent innings in the game...

2nd inning
Bases loaded with nobody out
-- Richard Hidalgo whiffs
-- Brad Ausmus whiffs
-- Jason Lane flies out to left

DAAAAAAMN!! It doesn't quite make up for the bottom of the 8th yesterday when John Olerud hit a leadoff triple and could have put up a lawn chair, but still, that's clutch. He wouldn't be so lucky in the 3rd though.

3rd inning
-- Craig Biggio leads off with a double
-- Adam Everett muffs a bunt, and Garcia is able to nail him going to third (hat tip to Steve on this one)
-- Jeff Bagwell hits an RBI double
-- Jeff Kent flies out
-- Lance Berkman hits an RBI double
-- Morgan Ensberg walks
-- Richard Hidalgo hits an RBI single
-- Brad Ausmus flies out to right

Garcia's only other jam was in his final inning (8th) where he got out of a first-and-second-with-one-out jam (Ensberg whiff, Hidalgo flyout).

Is it safe to say that the Mariners' horrid offense will probably screw him out of an All-Star appearance? Tom Glasgow on the grandpa station was speculating about this, saying that the Mariners are probably one of those teams this year where only one player will be sent to the Midsummer Classic. If it's one player, it's going to be Ichiro. Yup, Freddy's screwed.

Two plays in particular drew attention after the game. One was the Randy Winn catch reaching over the wall in centerfield. Impressive, yes. It was nice to see. I know it's not fair to bring up Mike Cameron every time Randy Winn's centerfielding comes up, but let's be honest -- Mike Cameron probably would have been standing on top of the wall waiting for the ball to come down. The other play was Rich Aurilia's homer-turned-foul ball on a 2-1 count in the 7th. Amazingly, from what the postgamers said, the umpire that was straddling the third base line was the only one that got the call wrong, whereas the other three ended up overturning the call (correctly) when the four umpires were in conference after the play. Bob Melvin then got tossed (I want a written transcript of the argument so I can search for curse words), and Aurilia hit into a double play.

What a great way to head into an off day, right?

One last thing before I study for my final that takes place in 13 hours -- the new logo on TBS, the lower case letters over the half-circle, possibly indicating a smile (many sitcom reruns are on the network)...IT SUCKS!!! The logo makes me think I walked into the '70s or something, until I realize the picture quality is a lot better. I haven't had a chance to be this weird about a TV logo since TNT went from the red/yellow big 'N' logo to the ghetto circular logo we see now.

Back to business...

Gameball: Freddy Garcia. Edgar had two hits, but there's nowhere else to go again tonight. Eight innings, three runs, even hits, three walks, nine strikeouts, 117 pitches.

Goat: John Olerud. 0-for-4, stranding four. What more would you expect out of your cleanup hitter? Of the course, the fact this guy is batting cleanup isn't his fault, but rather the guy that is wearing the number 3 for this ballclub. By the way, if another number is retired throughout all of baseball like Jackie Robinson's 42, it should be number 3, no questions asked.

Livan. Franklin. Friday.

[Edit ~11:58p -- A little more of what I was going for on the Adam Everett fielders' choice in the 3rd.]

[Edit Thu ~2:07p -- I had my last final today, so I was a little slow to rectify the obvious fallacy I'd put up regarding the Adam Everett messed-up bunt.]

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