Monday, June 14, 2004


I don't have much time here because I have to get up in about five hours.

I'd like to thank each and every one of you who have read our weblog; it makes what we do that much more gratifying. With this post, I am signing off temporarily as I've warned our readers a few times over the past year; the time for the six-week geology field course has come, and the time is in 15 hours, when I have to be ready to go in Mitchell, Oregon. About seven hours of driving lie ahead of me tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Gameball: John Olerud. 2-for-3 with the homer.

Goat: Willie Bloomquist. An RBI, walk, strikeout, stranding two and going 0-for-3.

Graduation on Saturday, two hours of sleep last night amidst cleaning, a horrible checkout process on Sunday, and seven hours of driving later today, followed by six weeks of geology nihilism. Does the fun ever start?

With this, the material of Sports and B's lies solely in the hands of Jeremy (unless I manage to hijack a computer at a public library in Oregon on an off day or something), and I'm glad I have that fallback here. In a way, this will be like when Jeremy was gone for a couple days last month and I helmed, except the writing style will be different and likely more concise and to-the-point, and this will be for six weeks instead of a few days.

Stay safe out there, and I'll be back here as an overtanned, withered, bitter sports-deprived man in six weeks. I'll miss this dearly and I'll miss all of you who make it worthwhile. Thank you.

Nine Central Washington Wildcats. Sixteen Oregon State Beavers. Fifteen hours.

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