Sunday, April 08, 2007


photo taken by Wilson Bentley, lifted from Wikipedia

I figure it's time to lend some space to the phenomenon that has wiped away three days of baseball, completely pwning what was to be a four-game series in Cleveland.

For example, from its Wikipedia page (not involving "The Informer")...

-- "Snow is precipitation in the form of crystalline water ice, consisting of a multitude of snowflakes that fall from clouds."

-- "...many regions of the Arctic and Antarctic receive very little precipitation and therefore experience little snowfall despite the bitter cold (cold air, unlike warm air, cannot take away much water vapor from the sea)."

-- "A snowflake is an aggregate of ice crystals that forms while falling in and below a cloud."

-- "There are, broadly, two possible explanations for the symmetry of snowflakes."

-- "A common estimate is that a snowflake can appear in 10158 forms, under the estimate that a snowflake has 100 attributes that can vary, resulting in 100 factorial forms."

It looks like I'll have to actually do practical stuff today or something. That's terrible. Looks like I'll have to watch Blackhawks/Stars and listen to Canucks/Coyotes later.

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