Sunday, December 24, 2006


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San Diego CHARGERS at Seattle SEAHAWKS, 1:15p (CBS)

Merry Christmas Eve, y'all.

Almost like they deserve it, the Seahawks' reward after demoralizing losses in Arizona and against San Francisco (either of which could have clinched the division), the San Diego Chargers have appeared on the schedule, with conventional wisdom suggesting an all-out beatdown of the Seahawks on their home turf.

What to expect? I have no idea. More than likely, they'll lose because it's the Chargers they're facing and everything. Of course, they have all the talent and the home crowd to win the game. The rhythm might finally appear with the offense, and the defense might actually get to the quarterback, not get beaten by the deep ball, and might not allow crazy-ass yardage on the first plays of drives. As we've seen all season, however, this team has done almost nothing that it has had to do to win ballgames, make statements, give themselves an identity (other than inconsistency), etc.

I don't know what to expect, but I know what not to expect. I absolutely don't expect the Seahawks to dominate the game for 60 minutes, seeing as to how they haven't done that all season.

Still, just one win or a San Francisco loss clinches the division. Also, the doomsday scenario for the #2 seed is possible until it's not. In other words, if the Saints walk out of the Meadowlands with a win against the Giants in the early game today, the #2 seed is officially goodbye.

Do we want a win? Sure. This is San Diego they're facing though. They better be able to beat Tampa Bay next week.

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