Monday, January 30, 2006


Tomorrow is Super Bowl Media Day and here at Sports And Bremertonians, we're not going to let that topic go by the wayside.

David and I didn't get credentials this week for Super Bowl XL. Then again, we didn't try to. But if I did have a credential, I would hit the Media Day spectacle. Let's be honest, it has become a spectacle. You have your usual NFL reporters and then you have some hack from Nick Games And Sports asking a question. It's ridiculous.

Well, here are the questions that you should NOT ask any of the Seahawks players at this year's Super Bowl Media Day:

Matt Hasselbeck: "If your team wins the opening coin toss Sunday, do you want the ball and do you want to score?"

Shaun Alexander: "If you were stabbed in the back, then do you think you're the Paul Pierce of your sport?"

Mack Strong: "Are you really as strong as a mack truck?"

Walter Jones: "Say, how's Cheney? Dressler Hall is quite comfortable, eh?"

Steve Hutchinson: "Dot the I for me, Steve. You can do it."

Robbie Tobeck: "Explain to me how Chad Eaton has all of a sudden turned into Sting, circa 1985?"

Chris Gray: "Auburn couldn't have defeated USC in 2004. No way, no how."

Sean Locklear: "How does it feel to know that you're not the most famous Locklear out there?"

Joe Jurevicius: "Is Jim Fassel a true riverboat gambler?"

Darrell Jackson: "How's Koren doing?"

Bobby Engram: "Where's the Sprinkler? Detroit could use the precipitation."

Jerramy Stevens: "Do you think critics still consider you a bust?"

Grant Wistrom: "You dressed up as Mr. T at one time. Who do you think you are, C. Thomas Howell?"

Rocky Bernard: "The 12th Man at Texas A&M or in Seattle? Which one is better?"

Lofa Tatupu: "You're too short, you're too slow. You can't play in this league. Why, you're a reach!"

Marcus Trufant: "Wilson High, Washington State, Seahawks. Who's next? The West Sound Orcas, I mean Saints?"

Ken Hamlin: "Houston Nutt: Is he an SEC-caliber coach?"

Michael Boulware: "What's Peter up to?"

Jordan Babineaux: "You were a Southern Arkansas Mulerider. A mulerider! You mean to tell me that you couldn't have been an Arkansas State Indian?"

Andre Dyson: "On Sunday, you could be the one that denies a Steeler from reaching the end zone. So, in that sense, unlike your brother Kevin, who was one yard short, the Steeler player would be one yard short...because of you. Irony is fun, isn't it?"

Josh Brown: "Have you worked on your helmet tossing lately?"

Tom Rouen: "Ten years ago, your wife Amy won Olympic Gold. Ten years later, you may win your third Super Bowl ring. Would this win make you King Of The Silver Mountain?"

J.P. Darche: "Jerome Bettis is from Detroit. What people don't know is that you're from Canada. Tell me, how's Windsor? It's gotta be better than Detroit, right?"

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Remember, these are questions NOT to ask on Super Bowl Media Day.

We've heard about Jerome Bettis for the last week or so now. Now Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick wants to honor Bettis by making this week "Jerome Bettis Week".

Hey, the state of Michigan should counter by making this week "Steve Hutchinson Week". At least Hutchinson played his college ball in-state. Bettis didn't.

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