Sunday, September 18, 2005


Google Earth image

Atlanta FALCONS (1-0) at Seattle SEAHAWKS (0-1), 1:05p

I miss the non-corporate name...

As a Seattle sports fan of many years, I can say there's a pretty good chance we will see a win from one team out of the Mariners and Seahawks today, but not both. That said, I'll risk the Mariners getting swept in four by the Rangers if it means the Seahawks don't start out 0-2.

The photos heading the threads today are via Google Earth, and if you have a broadband connection and haven't downloaded Google Earth yet, then by golly, do it. It'll kill a whole lot of time. It's fun. I know I spent a good portion of my final year of college messing with airphotos, digital elevation models, and GIS, but you'll still like Google Earth.

It's thread time. It's Seahawk time. The Mariners are playing, yeah, but you know who's starting. If you slept in, don't feel bad.

Better thread than dead!

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