Saturday, September 17, 2005


Mariners at Rangers, 5:05p

Joel PiƱeiro (7-9) vs. Kenny Rogers (13-7, 3.38)

Really, it's a Saturday thread. I'll probably be the only one saying anything, since I know everyone out there has something to do besides visiting Sports and B's and planting comments in the box. Not that it's not cool if you do, it totally is.

So, it doesn't have to be just Mariners. You can talk about Michigan State nearly choking at Notre Dame and winning it in overtime, which is totally cool since I can trash talk to my Notre Dame-loving coworker, you can talk about Falcons/Seahawks coming tomorrow, you can even talk about the Husky women's volleyball team coming over here and laying waste to the Hawaii team last night. Seriously, it was bad. I'd watch the rematch tonight, but it's on pay-per-view. I'm not kidding about watching the volleyball or the pay-per-view.

Fire away. Anything and everything.

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