Friday, March 04, 2005


This story has hit the wire throughout the country and even in England. I'm not sure if this has hit the Northwest, however. If it hasn't, well, here's the info. Just another story that makes Arkansas look terrible. Ugh.

Church leaders in Jonesboro, Arkansas are not happy with R&B singer Nelly coming to Arkansas State University next Saturday, March 12.

"We first heard from a concerned parent," Rev. Adrian Rodgers of the Fullness of Joy Church said, "and we went searching online for some lyrics, and it is not what we want our children to be involved with. First, the kids said that he's fairly tame, but then we looked it up."

Yes, I know what I'm getting into. In case you missed it Wednesday, I am transferring to Arkansas State in August. Jonesboro is located in Craighead County, which is a dry county. Oh well, I think I can manage. Besides, Memphis is not too far away.

But getting back to the subject, Nelly in Jonesboro. I don't care for Nelly's music. But I am not one to tell a person that he or she should not go to his concert. People can listen to whatever they want to listen to, no matter how good or bad it is. And let's be serious here for a moment, who in the blue hell can trust a man who's from a church that sounds more like a cult? The Fullness of Joy? Come on.

I think ASU Convocation Center director Tim Dean said it best:

"If it's not illegal, then I'm not going to judge them," Dean said. "People know what they are buying a ticket to come see, but we are in the Bible Belt." The venue can hold about 6,500 concertgoers, and with about 5,500 tickets already sold, Dean expects the show to be near capacity. "The people have spoken," he said.

For those of you expecting a sports take from me in this post, well...

Nelly is from St. Louis.

You can take a wild guess as to where I would go with that one...

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