Monday, February 21, 2005


I'm blaming this all on Bob Whitsitt.

I should have gotten to this way earlier today, but heard it in the car this afternoon after driving out and about, and I wish the Tribune would refresh at or near midnight like the other two papers I take headlines from.

Anyway, Mike Sando's word is that if both Matt Hasselbeck and Shaun Alexander are unsigned tomorrow, Hasselbeck is getting the tag.

Again, regardless of who you want to keep here...why in the HELL couldn't they sign at least one of Alexander, Hasselbeck, and Walter Jones last offseason?

So now they can't even get a long-term deal done with Hasselbeck. Great. All that leverage the Seahawks gained when they signed Jones? Gone.

I just think it's an unfortunate waste of franchise tag for the one guy left that's more likely to stay in Seattle.

Still, they made the quantum leap and finally signed Jones long-term, and now they can't even lock up Hasselbeck, which seemed to be the most likely situation this offseason.

...and with that, they've at the very least lost some sweet first-round picks since they won't be able to use the tag on Shaun, not to mention a back that ran for almost 1700 yards last season.

If Bob Whitsitt wasn't so busy butting heads with everybody over there, maybe there's some more front office organization over there, and maybe we're not in this mess.

They said that they'd been planning on signing one guy and hoping there was a domino effect, and we've yet to see that happen. That's for sure.


In other news, I know we're dying for some defense, but the Titans cut Derrick Mason today. Mason only caught 96 balls last year for 1168 yards and seven scores. That was only his fourth straight 1000-yard season.

I'm angry. The Seahawks won't like me when I'm angry.

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