Friday, October 01, 2004


I could care less that it took Ichiro more than 154 games to get the hits record. The fact is, the game has changed so much in 84 years. What Ichiro has done this season is simply more impressive than what George Sisler did.

Not only does Ichiro have to deal with the Seattle media and fanbase, he also has an entire country behind him. Not to mention the Japanese media covering each and every one of his games. As far as I know, Sisler didn't have to worry about having the pressure of an entire country on his back.

In recent years, the long ball has been showcased. But what Ichiro has done not only in 2004 but in his first 3 seasons has also given fans an opportunity to appreciate the art of the single. I'll admit, I've bashed Ichiro on a few occasions. But in the end, I appreciate and respect Ichiro. He's a damn good ballplayer.

I've never really entertained the thought of Ichiro not getting the record in 154 games. It simply doesn't matter. Ichiro is the new all-time hits leader in a season. That's all that matters.

Oh, and Ichiro just got #259. Good stuff.

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