Sunday, August 29, 2004


Watching the Royals-Mariners game here (it came on at the top of the 2nd inning)


It could be the satellite feed, I don't know. But the grass just looks absolutely terrible. My advice to the grounds crew would be to quit dancing and start working. No, YOU DON'T GOTTA DANCE!

Derek at USS Mariner has already hit on this, but I might as well hit on it as well. The Mariners have bleachers in the beer garden? What's next, a tarp covering the fan's view into the bullpen? This is just unacceptable IMO. If I have the chance to hit Safeco Field next summer, they better remove those bleachers. But they most likely won't. After all, somebody's gotta pay for Willie Bloomquist's multi-year deal.

WHAT THE F**K? Now the Royals TV crew is showing the grounds crew dancing. Not only will I peel the skin off of myself, I will eat it as well.

What's next for the Mariners in their never-ending quest to ruin Safeco Field?

---No cheering at all. Say one word, and you are gone!

---Trade Ichiro to the St. Louis Cardinals for John Mabry because he's just too good for the Mariners blood.

---Eliminate the concession stands food and add the Mariners Wives cookbook food. And get this, they will also charge you double than what you would have paid for the concession food.

---No beer at all.

And finally...

Wait for it...

The Mariners will put an even worse team on the field in 2005.

Losing is the same as winning for the Mariners. After all, it's not like they tried to improve the team when they were winning.

Mariners Baseball --- Get All Of It!

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