Friday, August 27, 2004


Even though the Americans lost to Argentina today in men's basketball, it's still been a good day in Athens. At least David and I think so, anyway.

Not only did Marion Jones not medal in the long jump, but she caused the 4x100 relay team to be disqualified. She screwed up the baton pass to Lauren Williams, disqualifying the U.S.

Granted, she has not been found guilty of the whole BALCO deal yet. But at the same time, I've never liked her at all. She's too f**king arrogrant. She and Lisa Leslie would be perfect for each other.

I'm still rolling over the time when David Locke called Leslie a bitch on KJR. Funny as hell, that's what that was.

So yeah, I'm downright giddy about Marion Jones not doing jack in Athens. Way to go, Tar Heel!

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