Thursday, August 26, 2004


Week 1 of the 2004-2005 school year is over. No, Southeast Arkansas College does not have classes on Fridays. And yes, I'm definitely trying to get the word out about Sports and Bremertonians on the SEARK campus. Why I didn't do this more last year, I have no idea.

Anyways, a few sports notes before I get to the real reason why I'm posting:

---The NCAA will not reinstate WR Mike Williams to USC. Well, the Trojans are still going to win the Pac-10. They're simply the most talented team in America. Wait, that reminds me, I still need to do a college football preview. It may be shorter than I wanted it to be, because of time. But by 6:30 Central time Saturday night, I'll have my 2004 CFB preview up.

---Rams RT Kyle Turley will miss the 2004 season because of his back. As David said, the Seahawks better win the NFC West this year. The Rams offensive line has already lost center Dave Wohlabaugh. And now Turley is gone. Yikes.

---Willie Bloomquist sucks.

--- --- --- --- --- ---

And for the real reason why I'm posting.....

I'm going to start something "new" here. From time to time, I'll post my musical soundtrack, or in other words, what in the blue hell am I listening to? I'm sure somebody gives a damn out there. No, my views aren't influenced by the terrible situation that is Arkansas rock radio.

So here you go, in no particular order:

Gravity Kills "Blame" (Escape From L.A. Remix)
---Don't even bother with the album version of this song. The L.A. remix of "Blame" is just solid. And without a doubt, "Blame" is much, much better than "Guilty".

Dropbox "Wishbone"
---I like to call this my "wake the f**k up" song. It's in my CD alarm clock radio as we speak. Now, as good as "Wishbone" is, I'd also recommend "End of Days". Dropbox is a good band. Their self-titled is cheaply priced, around 8-9 bucks right now. Go get it if you need some new music.

Van Halen "It's About Time"
---I don't have the "Best of Both Worlds" CD like David does, but I've listened to this song more than a few times. If you have Windows Media Player, open it up, go to Music, and go to Rock Grab Bag. From there, you'll find the link to the entire stream of Van Halen's "BOTW" album. And no, I wouldn't pay 70 bucks to see Van Halen on their current tour either. But that doesn't change the fact that Van Halen rocks.

Green Day "American Idiot"
---New album comes out September 21. I can't wait. If "American Idiot" is any indication, this is going to be a damn good album.

Velvet Revolver "Fall To Pieces"
---This is when the "Contraband" album picks up. Hearing this song puts me back in time to 1988 when I first heard "Sweet Child O' Mine" on the radio. For those wondering, I was 6 at the time. Yes, I have a great memory of these things. Don't bother asking me why I do. Needless to say, "Fall To Pieces" should be a huge hit for Velvet Revolver. If it isn't, something is seriously wrong with the music industry. Oh, nevermind, the music industry already sucks as it is.

Lenny Kravitz "Always On The Run"
---Oh how I miss the old Lenny. Sadly, he will never come back. RIP.

Finger Eleven "Stay In Shadow"
---You want to know the one band's albums that I should own, but I don't? Well, it's these crazy Canadians. There's simply no excuse as to why this is the case. Anyways, "Stay In Shadow" rocks my face off.

Genesis "Abacab"
---I've never claimed to be a narrow minded music fan. Time and time again, David and I have proclaimed Phil Collins to be the coolest bald man on the planet. I know that Collins released a Greatest Hits album a few years ago. Did Genesis ever release one? If they did, I need to get it. Oh, and I prefer the Phil Collins-led version of Genesis, not the Peter Gabriel era. But this isn't a Gabriel-bashing session. I did love "Sledgehammer". Who didn't?

Sevendust "Beautiful"
---Lately, I've played the hell out of the "Animosity" album. So I could include many songs off of this album here, but for time's sake, I'll just put "Beautiful" on the list. Why this band hasn't gotten the major push that they deserve is beyond me.

--- --- --- --- ---

Of course, this wouldn't be complete without a song that I just absolutely hate right now:

Breaking Benjamin "So Cold"

I heard this song before.....

When it was called "Spiders" by System of a Down.

That about does her right now. Oh, now it really wouldn't be a complete post if I didn't make light of the Dave Matthews Band sh*t incident...

Taking a sh*t now...


And I too have never seen the big f**king deal with the Dave Matthews Band. They're a decent band, let's leave it that. I'll say this though, if they would have tossed that sh*t in the Columbia River, there would be some hell to pay.

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