Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Well, add this one to the endless list of sports curses...

You may recall that a week or so ago, I did a post on the "Madden Curse". However, I have not hit on the Campbell's Chunky Soup NFL spots here. Consider the players that Campbell's has featured the past few seasons: Michael Strahan, Terrell Davis, and Kurt Warner.

Tonight, I see the brand new Chunky Soup commercial with, who else, Donovan F. McNabb. Of course, "his mother" was part of the show as well. But in a shocking turn of events, McNabb has his Eagles teammates show up to the party. Chad Lewis and Hank Fraley make cameo appearances. No word on whether former Arkansas Razorback Shawn Andrews is seen in the commercial or not. If you've seen the Hogs play the past few seasons, you know how big of a monster Andrews is.

Anyways, blogging will be light here in the Bluff this week as I get back in the school mode. Yes, school has already started down here. Understand that until last August, I was always starting school in September, not August. But I've gotten used to it, I guess.

Push back the square, now that you need her, but you don't, so there you go.

'Cause back in school we are the leaders of it all.

(Musical pick of the week, kids: Deftones "Elite". Two words that describe this great track from Sacramento's own: Nonstop aggression.)

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