Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Some thoughts while I'm watching the U.S.-Canada opening round game of the World Cup of Hockey (on ESPN 2, not CBC).

---During the second intermission, Jeremy Roenick needs to borrow one of the cheerleading outfits from the Montreal Alouettes. As much as I like the guy on-ice, he's just intolerable in the booth. J.R., put on your skirt, wave those pom-poms, and shut the f**k up, eh?

---Canada is the best team in this tournament. Big shock, I know. But their speed is incredible. The U.S. has a good roster, but Canada is making them look silly. I'm shocked that this isn't a 4-0 game right now. You can thank Robert Esche as to why the score isn't 4-0 at this point. (We know he's your teammate, J.R., just shut the yapper.)

---When hockey is on, I drink Labatt Blue. Drink responsibly, folks. We want you to visit Sports and Bremertonians in the coming weeks when I post the never-before-seen pictures of Anna Benson in a whipped cream bikini.

---You just know that somebody is going to Google the following phrase: "Anna Benson whipped cream bikini"

---Am I evil? Only when my teams lose. Well, the Mariners are losing 4-3 in Toronto. And the U.S. is down 2-1 to Canada late in the 2nd period.

---Deion Sanders has officially returned to the NFL. Prime Time, please find it necessary to dump a waterbucket on your old CBS friend, Jim Nantz. After all, we love Sanders for doing just that to Tim McCarver in 1992.

---Mario Lemieux actually got physical there. Unpossible.

---Nothing against Gary Thorne, but dammit, I wish I could hear Chris Cuthbert.

---We need hockey in 2004-2005. GET IT DONE, OWNERS AND PLAYERS.

--- --- --- --- ---

Enough of my rambling.

I would give up a lot right now just to be in Montreal, Toronto, or St. Paul for these games. Hockey, the coolest game on earth. Damn straight.

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