Wednesday, June 23, 2004


I couldn't help it when I read Tom Verducci's column via Yahoo Sports today when he was commenting on the Tampa Bay Devil Rays' winning streak, which is now history at 12, with the Devil Rays 2-1 loss in Toronto tonight in 10 innings.

I think Lou is probably one of about five managers in the game who can make a real difference in a team over 162 games. Art Howe is not one of them. Lou should have been managing the Mets, but it's to Tampa Bay's credit that it was bold and got him. I don't think the Rays miss Randy Winn.

Actually, he should still be in Seattle, but Howard Lincoln doesn't know how to win. (Lou's words---read "Out Of Left Field") Lou Piniella meant so much to the Seattle Mariners. When he was hired in November 1992 by the Mariners, you knew things were going to change. And yes, they did change.

---Four postseason appearances in 10 seasons.
---A.L. Manager of the Year in 1995 and 2001.
---The best of the best when it comes to tirades.

What Piniella is doing in Tampa Bay right now is nothing short of incredible. On June 23, the Devil Rays are just two games below .500 (33-35). If the Devil Rays finish anywhere close to .500 or if they do get over the .500 mark, Lou Piniella is the A.L. Manager of the Year, hands down.

Anyways, it's just another ho-hum performance tonight by Bob Melvin's Seattle Mariners. With Lou, you never felt "ho-hum" about this ballclub. But Howard Lincoln doesn't know how to win, therefore Lou is in Tampa Bay working his magic.

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