Monday, June 21, 2004


With Anaheim's 10-3 victory over Oakland tonight, the Texas Rangers are on top of the American League West.

By just 2 percentage points, but still...

Texas 37-29 .561 ---
Oakland 38-30 .559 ---
Anaheim 38-31 .551 0.5
Seattle 29-38 .433 8.5

This is the latest point of the season the Rangers have been in first place since 1999. Texas cannot be counted out, folks.

So where are all the smacktalkers now about the Rangers?

Clint Nageotte vs Ryan Drese Tuesday night at The Ballpark in Arlington, 7:05 CDT

Will the Mariners win 5 in a row? If they do, the Mariner Optimist returns.

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