Thursday, April 12, 2007


AP/CP photo -- Chuck Stoody

After a four-overtime game, I've got very little energy to try and write up a game piece or something close to it. All I know is that if the Canucks could have just held onto a two-goal lead in the third period, they could have saved everyone a whole lot of time. Still, I have to say it's pretty cool that I just sat through the sixth-longest game in NHL history and my team still won.

I listen online to all the Canucks' games. I was DVRing the Versus feed as it went along, tacking on another hour to the recording time as the overtimes piled up. The third overtime ended slightly before midnight Pacific time, and my digital cable grid had many many programs showing that were of course being preempted by the hockey game, which I have no problem with. At midnight Pacific time, my digital cable grid showed "Paid Program." The game had its intermission after the third overtime, and I turned the television up to hear the musings of the Versus studio crew, and they were talking about how much ice time the defensemen in the game were logging. Ken Hitchcock's mega-mug was then on the screen talking about defense, then the feed cut away for...(wait for it)...SUPREME PILATES. I wish I was lying about this, but I'm not. The game feed never returned. Such bullcrap. I know I get the feeling ESPN takes things for granted sometimes, but if the NHL were still on ESPN, there's no way a four-overtime game would have gotten preempted for a paid program. No way.

Probably more on this game later. Big tip of the cap to Roberto Luongo and his 72 saves.

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