Thursday, March 15, 2007


It's no secret that there are no two days on the annual sports calendar that are quite like the first Thursday and Friday of the NCAA tournament. It's absolute craziness, and people all around the country call in sick or skip classes to watch the two days of unbridled nuttiness. However, I went to work. The bad thing about that was that the games started for me when my work shift started, so there was barely anything left in terms of games when I finally got off work. I'd also have to empty some stuff on my DVR if I wanted to record 12 hours of CBS feed, and I don't think I'm doing that.

As for the post title, that's how I felt halfway through the day. I had Texas Tech, Stanford, George Washington, and Old Dominion on my upset platter, and none of them came through. In past years of picking brackets, I usually do good on one out of the first two days, usually the first. I'm hoping Friday is a better day.

My picks are in caps...
Midwest (4) MARYLAND 82, (13) Davidson 70
East (7) Boston College 84, (10) TEXAS TECH 75
South (6) Louisville 78, (11) STANFORD 58
East (3) WASHINGTON STATE 70, (14) Oral Roberts 54
East (2) GEORGETOWN 80, (15) Belmont 55
Midwest (5) Butler 57, (12) OLD DOMINION 46
South (3) TEXAS A&M 68, (14) Pennsylvania 52
East (6) Vanderbilt 77, (11) GEORGE WASHINGTON 44
South (1) OHIO STATE 78, (16) Central Connecticut State 57
West (11) Virginia Commonwealth 79, (6) DUKE 77
East (9) MICHIGAN STATE 61, (8) Marquette 49
West (2) UCLA 70, (15) Weber State 42
South (9) XAVIER 79, (8) Brigham Young 77
West (7) Indiana 70, (10) GONZAGA 57
East (1) NORTH CAROLINA 86, (16) Eastern Kentucky 65
West (3) PITTSBURGH 79, (14) Wright State 58

Normally I'd like to do a lot better than up ten and down six, but it is what it is. What ticks me off the most isn't that Stanford got whipped or that I should have been smarter than to pick Gonzaga, it's that Virginia Commonwealth over Duke was probably the easiest non-8/9 upset to pick in the entire tournament. Anyway, my upset picks for day two are Winthrop, Holy Cross, and Creighton.

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