Sunday, January 14, 2007


peeled from a Seahawks.com wallpaper

Seattle SEAHAWKS at Chicago BEARS, 10a (Fox)

What do they have to lose?

The 1-3 finish to the Seahawks' regular season greatly cut down on any expectations anyone might have had for this team when they were 8-4 after Week 13. They never got it into full gear or something close to it like we expected once Matt Hasselbeck and Shaun Alexander got a couple healthy weeks under their belts.

Unfortunately, we can't ignore that, yes, the Seahawks did indeed suck horribly the last month of the season.

Then the game against the Cowboys happened. Timely doses of unforeseen mojo were taken to enable the Seahawks to win a game they probably should have lost.

What now? The Chicago Bears. Make no bones about it, the Bears should win this game and in semi-convincing fashion.

But they do have a chance...

Too bad I have to be at work for this one. Fill the comment box, please...

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