Sunday, October 01, 2006


peeled from a Seahawks.com wallpaper

Seattle SEAHAWKS at Chicago BEARS, 5:15p (NBC)

As they make Pink tell you every week, we've been waiting all day for Sunday night.

Remember that one year where Monday Night Football didn't have Hank Williams, Jr. and they had a bunch of guest singers? That was weird.

Anyway, I don't think I saw anyone pick the Seahawks to win this game, and that's the easy pick to make.

Any rationale related to the Bears' defense I took. Any time I heard the words "Rex Grossman" as a reason for the Bears winning, I wanted to throw my fist through the television screen.

The closest thing I saw to props was the NFL Matchup show, where Merril Hoge said four-wides might actually neutralize what the Chicago defense likes to do.

Still, it's a game against a tough opponent on the road.

I'm not saying this would be an acceptable game to lose, but better this week than two weeks from now at Saint Louis. They have to have that game.

Of course, I really want the Seahawks to put Rex Grossman in his place. I didn't hear a lot of media talking about the Seahawk defense.

Have jolly-good fun watching today and tonight.

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