Tuesday, September 26, 2006


fire photo from wildlandfire.com, Madden NFL 07 cover photo from Wikipedia

Yeah, so it turns out Shaun Alexander will be gone for a few weeks or more ("at least a couple weeks," in Holmgren's words) hence my horrible graphic representation of a copy of Madden NFL 07 being burned in protest of the curse taking someone from the very team for which we root.

Thus, Mo Morris now has the chance to take hold of the flame. This is what they've held onto Morris for, so he'll have to step up and make the running game meaningful. Given the carries they've been giving Mack Strong already this season, he'll be helping to shoulder the load as well.

The next four weeks for the Seahawks take them to Chicago, back home for a week off, to Saint Louis, and back home for Minnesota. I say they've got to take two of those three games. Thus, they obviously want to finish 8-0 at home, so they need the Minnesota game. They can't be losing division games, so they need the Saint Louis game. So, that leaves Sunday's game at Chicago. However, I don't want this team losing to a team quarterbacked by Rex freakin' Grossman. So, that makes me greedy. I want 6-0 after Week 7 for a team that just lost its MVP running back for a month or more.

I hope everyone's a quick learner on that practice field. Nate Burleson and Deion Branch are still getting used to the new system, Rob Sims got significant time in the offensive line against the Giants due to a Chris Gray injury, Chris Spencer is being plugged in for the injured Pork Chop Womack, and to top that off, the patchwork offensive line has to try to blow open holes for someone other than Shaun Alexander and they have to work these four-wide sets into the mix. Matt Hasselbeck hasn't exactly been running a ton of four-wide as a Seahawk either.

I do know one thing -- that ESPN Mobile ad where John Clayton delivers an immediate news update when Alexander slips and falls in the kitchen will now be a lot less funny. Unless they pull the ad altogether, in which case I wouldn't complain.

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