Saturday, August 12, 2006


Dallas Cowboys at Seattle Seahawks, 7:05 Pacific (KONG, KIRO 710 AM)

It is acceptable to refer to these games as "exhibition games." Don't let the NFL tell you otherwise. This is the same league that charges FULL PRICE for exhibition game tickets.

Then again, I wouldn't mind paying full price to see the NFC Championship banner being raised at Qwest Field tonight. Sure, the Seahawks can wait until their home opener against Arizona to raise the banner. But the way I look at it, maybe it's better this way. The 2006 season will already have begun and as fun as last year was, 2006 may be better. That's the way I'm feeling about this team. You should as well, if you aren't sucked into the feeling of "no team can win without a left guard." (Have fun in Minnesota, Steve. Remember that you are blocking for Brad Johnson and Chester Taylor, not the NFL MVP and the best quarterback in the NFC.)

Fortunately for me, I get to watch the first two exhibition games on TV here in Arkansas. Thank you, Dallas Cowboys Television Network. And next week, the Indianapolis game will be televised nationally on NBC. (I'm not going there.)

Anyway, this is a game thread. The first of many. Try 23 game threads.

That's 4 exhibition games, 16 regular season, 2 playoff games, and the Super Bowl. Which means that I'm expecting another year of homefield advantage in the loudest stadium in the National Football League.

Tony Romo. Seneca Wallace. Cowboys. Seahawks.


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