Sunday, July 23, 2006


original photo by Elaine Thompson (AP); adjusted by David using Corel Paint Shop Pro X

Okay, this is just me having fun here. The photo isn't Richie Sexson's walk-off blast from the Sunday afternoon game. It's actually one of the wire photos from Sexson's first game as a Mariner, the two-homer game against the Twins. Basically this was something I quickly drew up with Corel Paint Shop Pro X, which in some ways is a poor man's Photoshop, but rooting back to Computer Cartography class back at Central (winter 2004), I'm used to the Corel stuff. Back then it was CorelDRAW 11 that we were using, which could be used a lot like a GIS except without having to align stuff to coordinate systems and datums (datii?) and you wouldn't be running queries on cells and stuff.

Anyway, it's one of Sexson's first two blasts as a Mariner combined with some Corelness combined with some random font I downloaded from the Internet.

By the way, the Mariners are 98 games through their season right now, which means they're 60.5% of the way through the season, which means there's less than 40% of the season left. Time's flying.

This of course means the Seahawks will be starting their season very soon. The regular season's only a month and a half away. Incredible.

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