Wednesday, March 15, 2006


No fancy graphics this year, since I'm pressed for time.

But that's life.


Southeast (Atlanta) - Duke
---I don't want to pick Duke, I really don't. Their road to the Final Four, however, makes it hard for me to pick against them. But this is the one Final Four pick I wouldn't mind being dead wrong about.

West (Oakland) - Gonzaga
---This has to be Gonzaga's year to finally get to the Final Four, right? Earning the #3 seed instead of a #2 may be to their advantage. And yes, this would set up a J.J. Redick/Adam Morrison matchup. If that does come to fruition, look out.

East (Washington, D.C.) - Connecticut
---UConn is the best team in the country, not Duke. Yet the Blue Devils got the overall #1 seed. Figures. As much as I don't care for the Big East hype, the Big East has been the best conference in college basketball this season.

Midwest (Minneapolis) - Villanova
---The Wildcats get to play their first two rounds in Philadelphia. I'll go as far to say that if they don't get to the Sweet 16 it would be the biggest choke-job in NCAA Tournament history. And I don't like to throw around the term "choke-job" very often. Seriously though, Villanova is the best team out of the Midwest Region by far. Ohio State? Please.

Cinderellas: South Alabama (Minneapolis), Wichita State (Washington, D.C.)

Sleepers: West Virginia (Atlanta), Georgetown (Minneapolis)

Disappointments: LSU (Atlanta), Indiana (Oakland), Tennesssee (Washington, D.C.)

Best First Round Game: Southern Illinois vs West Virginia (Atlanta)

First #1 seed to be eliminated: Memphis (Oakland)

How far will Washington go?: Sweet 16, lose to UConn (Washington, D.C.)

Is Jeremy full of it? We'll see after this weekend

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Final Four: Gonzaga d. Duke, UConn d. Villanova

National Championship Game: UConn d. Gonzaga

Just 12 hours away!!!

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