Sunday, March 12, 2006


Okay, lots of stuff happened this weekend. I'll try to spew out some thoughts here now that I actually have some downtime with which to do so.

I was half-watching the Japan/USA ballgame in the World Baseball Classic and boy, would I be ticked if I'm a Japanese player and see the replay after the game of the tag-up play that would have put Japan up 4-3. To those who didn't see it, Buck Martinez argued the call saying that the Japanese runner tagged up too early, and that the wrong umpire had the angle. Japan was originally awarded the run until Martinez won the argument after already having the on-field appeal denied by the third-base umpire. The crew chief overturned the call. The USA ended up winning in the bottom of the 9th by one run. Dicey.

Speaking of dicey, the Seahawks' situation during the first few days of free agency is getting increasingly, well, dicey. As per Sando, Joe Jurevicius bolted for Cleveland, and Marquand Manuel appears on his way to Green Bay (though with possible tampering). Cleveland got Jurevicius on the hometown discount, and I was kinda hoping that depth at wide receiver didn't have to become a bigger issue this offseason. More snaps for Big Play DJ Hackett, I guess. I work with a Redskin fan over here, and they've been wondering who the heck they were going to get for receivers, and they got their answers in a big way over the weekend (Brandon Lloyd, Antwaan Randle El). About Marquand Manuel, he did a hell of a job last year, and I'm sad to see him go. The other thing is that I hope Ken Hamlin gets healthy fast.

Even more dicey, the Vikings had Steve Hutchinson come in and visit and offered him a crazy offer sheet, which some team was probably going to do with him anyway. Still, it's a matter of how much you want to pony up for a damned good offensive guard, and how well you think you might be able to replace it. Still, I can't help but think that the success of both Shaun Alexander and Matt Hasselbeck are highly correlative of whatever happens with this move. ITIT still, but man, this is going to test me. I'm really looking forward to the draft, though.

Another thing, I need a crazy-ass pass rush from the Seahawks next year since Edgerrin James signed with the freakin' Cardinals. Edgerrin didn't forget that the Cardinals have no offensive line, right? Gun for Kurt Warner all day, I say. Nine-man blitz.

I watched most of the Sonics/Lakers game today, and I for the most part liked what I saw. It was my first look at the new-look Sonics, and it'll be interesting to see how they develop their rotations and identity and whatnot. God only knows when they'll ever hold a team to under 100 points again, but hey, if they can still shoot the crap out of the ball, then great. The entire starting lineup scored in double figures, and Earl Watson dropped 14 off the bench. They have an interesting combination of big men with Chris Wilcox, Robert Swift, and Johan Petro, with a dash of Mikki Moore. It's fun, if anything. I can say the team didn't defend well, which would and wouldn't be fair. The Lakers scored 113 points, but the pace of the game was pretty quick, and they did hold Kobe Bryant to 8-for-29 shooting. If you ask me, though, 20 points out of Chris Mihm is unacceptable. Still, nice win for the Sonics, and the ABC crew had something other than Kobe Bryant and Bill Walton's son to talk about. The Sonics' future will be interesting, wherever they end up playing after this arena situation does/doesn't get solved.

Also, this may be the first time in a couple years that I don't have more than a little NCAA tournament material, though Jeremy will probably have more. The Huskies are the fifth-seed and drew Utah State from the WAC. The four higher seeds in the region are Connecticut, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Illinois. The Huskies didn't help themselves out by losing to Oregon in the Pac-10 tournament, but I guess they get some rest, or at least that's the positive spin. Maybe Ryan Appleby will heal a bit from that Aaron Brooks elbow.

Anyway, it's been good to finally spew a bit about sports. Also, the Canucks have their only OLN appearance of the season on Monday night in a game at Dallas. I only worry about that since I don't get the CBC where I am and where I'm going.

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