Thursday, March 30, 2006


If you need your Seahawk news with regularity, hit up Sando's blog, because it's simply great.

-- Apparently Mike Holmgren is no longer on the competition committee. With how the Super Bowl went and with any amount of crazy calls that went against the Seahawks at various points in the season, I was giddy with anticipation for Holmgren to raise some ruckus at the competition committee meetings. However, Holmgren decided it'd cause him to spend way too much time away from his wife. Priorities.

-- It turns out the consolation prize to not being featured in NFL Kickoff Weekend the year after you get to the Super Bowl is to have your second preseason game televised nationally from Indianapolis.

-- Congratulations to John Marshall for formally being named the defensive coordinator for your Seattle Seahawks. Ray Rhodes stays on as a consultant. Marshall did an incredible job last year after Rhodes had his health issues. Seahawk fans hadn't seen a defense like last year's in forever. Add Russell Davis, Julian Peterson, and more (draft) to the defense...and it should be fun.

-- Lastly, per ESPN, down by contact plays are now reviewable. I've been waiting three years to finally say this. I could check back in the archive for the 2004 Seahawk season to see where the Seahawks got screwed on down by contact calls, but it's a bit late. Still, these are turnovers we're dealing with, and I'm glad the competition committee finally woke up to this.

Seriously, there should be dancing in the streets now that down by contact plays are reviewable.

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