Sunday, December 11, 2005


AP photo -- Elaine Thompson

You know, if you used flawed logic, you could say that since the Seahawks beat the 49ers by 38 points and beat the Eagles by 42 points, that the 49ers are better than the Eagles. Yes, such a thought is hilarious.

But when you have wins like these, you just hope that everyone stays healthy and maybe you get some reps in for your younger guys. For the second straight week, there was some extended time for the likes of Seneca Wallace, Leonard Weaver, and Mo Morris, as well as some snaps for Peter Warrick.

With the health though, it was good that Matt Hasselbeck didn't get too shaken up when he got plowed into for the roughing-the-passer penalty, and it was also good that Mack Strong was able to walk off the field under his own power after he took a pretty good lick.

Seriously, it's been a long time since I was able to sit through two games like this with any of my teams, let alone the Seahawks. By this I mean that, since I listen to the games over here, my attention wavers a bit midway through the third quarter. With the way this week's and last Monday's game went, surely you can sympathize.

Yes, this team that 49er coach Mike Nolan said is "above average" is now 11-2 after beating the tar out of his team today. The Seahawks have swept division play for the season and are 7-0 at home. There's one home game left in the season, and it's in two weeks against those Colts. To any fans going to that game, I want it to be so loud in there that I can't hear the announcers on television.

In other news, Matt Hasselbeck is solid, Shaun Alexander is awesome, Josh Brown is nuts, Joe Jurevicius rules, Bobby Engram is dependable, Walter Jones is a rock, Lofa Tatupu is everywhere, and I may refer to a certain former Colorado receiver for the rest of the year as Big Play DJ Hackett.

Folks, this team has more wins than the team from two years ago that should have won the playoff game in Green Bay except Randall Godfrey couldn't wrap up Ahman Green in the backfield on 4th-and-goal. Anyway, it's a trip to Nashville next Sunday to face a team with Steve McNair and PacMan Jones, whose name can't leave me with a straight face anymore thanks to Tom Jackson's sound effects.

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