Tuesday, October 04, 2005


lifted from the Canucks.com September 2005 wallpaper

Some people don't care, but I do.

Hockey's here. This is a big reason why I was so anxious for the Mariners' season to end.

If you get the Outdoor Life Network (i.e., pretty much a certainty for a big part of the Puget Sound region under Comcast), you'll be able to watch the New York Rangers (ugh) against the Philadelphia Flyers at 4p. Our friends north of the border that aren't in Alberta will be able to watch Wayne Gretzky's regular-season coaching debut as the Phoenix Coyotes visit the Garage to face the Vancouver Canucks at 7:30p (one of only a couple non-7pm home starts for the Canucks). I'll be paying attention to that game by listening live here.

If there's any chance in hell you want to join a fantasy pucks league, go here, then sign up for league number 65411, and type in the password "facewash," except without the punctuation. We welcome your participation.

Thirty teams. Fifteen games. Wednesday night.

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