Monday, October 24, 2005


Yesterday is the reason why I'm a sports fan.

Yesterday is the reason why I'm still a Seattle Seahawks fan.

Yesterday is the reason why I think this is a special football team.

Historically, the Seahawks never win these games. But so far in this young 2005 season, the Seahawks have won 3 games that they would have blown in the last 2 seasons. Atlanta on Sept. 18, St. Louis on Oct. 9, and yesterday against Dallas.

Yes, it's early. It's only October 24. But you know what?

The 2005 Seattle Seahawks are a special football team, folks.

Sure, they couldn't do anything offensively against a very solid Dallas Cowboys defense in the first 59 minutes yesterday. Give credit to Dallas, as they shut down Shaun Alexander. But in the end, it was the Seahawks who came out on top. That's all that matters.

I watched the game at my friend's house near Mountain Home, Arkansas. I couldn't help but tell my friend and his father that the Seahawks never win these games. I also mentioned the fact that on that final offensive drive, the Seahawks were playing without their top 3 wide receivers (Darrell Jackson, Bobby Engram, and Joe Jurevicius). So, it was fitting that the game-tying touchdown was caught by third-string tight end Ryan Hannam. From? Northern Iowa.

You want to know why the New England Patriots decided to keep Tom Brady instead of Drew Bledsoe? Brady would have never been picked off in that situation. That's why Bledsoe will never be a great quarterback. He doesn't have the poise of a Brady. Fair or not, Brady is a better quarterback than Bledsoe.

When Jordan Babineaux (SOUTHERN ARKANSAS! MULERIDERS!) picked off Bledsoe, I was stoked. Immediately after the interception, my mind turned to three weeks ago when the Seahawks were at Washington. Kelly Herndon picked off Mark Brunell to give the 'Hawks the ball back. Josh Brown hits the left upright. You know the rest. Let's stop there.

Anyways, I've said from day one that Josh Brown is money. David can vouch for me on this one. And sure enough, when Brown hit the 50-yard game-winner, I was right. There isn't a kicker I'd rather have right now than Josh Brown. Other than the Redskins debacle of three weeks ago, Brown has been a solid kicker for this football team. Point being, he's no Jose Cortez. Pray for Mr. Cortez, because he may be on the unemployment line (again) soon.

Dare I say it, but this win over Dallas is bigger than the St. Louis win from two weeks ago. What a week it has been for the Seahawks franchise, on and off the field. After last Sunday's rout of the Houston Texans, Ken Hamlin is involved in a awful incident outside of Larry's Nightclub in Pioneer Square. Yeah, and the Minnesota Vikings have to deal with adversity? Last time I checked, the Vikings didn't have one of their key players having to deal with the thought of never being able to live a normal life again. I can tell y'all that the state of Arkansas is praying for Kenny at this time. Once a Razorback, always a Razorback. That's how the Razorbacks fans are here, folks.

Yes, it's been awhile since I've posted. But as some of you know, I'm a busy man these days. On Wednesday, I'm headed back to Kansas City for the college media convention. Yes kids, I'm a "real" journalist. College journalist, but a journalist nonetheless. So I've done my fair share of writing over the past two months. Of course, that fair share of writing hasn't been here. I'll do my best to post here at Sports And B's in the coming weeks, as time allows.

The Seahawks have a bye this weekend. Great timing, I'd say.

November 6, Valley Of The Sun. Media Darlings. HA!!!

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